The Pheebs

If you have a mountain to climb, don't wear your slippers.



'Get your ass into Glitch' REDEALT quest
You failed to come into Glitch by the end of the countdown and so you have been 'awarded' (but not like a prize awarded, nu uh, this ain't no prize.... believe me!) a penance quest.

You must make all the following from scratch. You must not buy anything for the production of said items. Or be given them. Or CHEAT IN ANY OTHER WAY. All items must be made from freshly collected materials - nothing that you already have in stock.

200 snails
40 metal rods
10 metal bars
1 girder
1 beam
10 boards
200 strawberries

Go get 'um!!!

When you have finished all of that then go squeeze 40 chickens