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have a new butterfly:)
keep it up
<- keep moving
a couch
have a seat, enjoy your stay
and if you cant, then have a nice day!
eat and be happy
sit right down,
enjoy your food
I dont care if you go nude:)
a remnisce of sandy shores
treasures in the sand,
living once but now no more,
waiting to be found.
on this couch i sit in misery,
in hopes of better days.
farewell my friends of the glorious glitch,
of you i'll surely miss.
my heart
ode to the furniture i never used but never abused yet you left me bemused i will miss you all so i wish i never had to go but to use you i must say no i was hoping one day to fancy you up but i ran out of luck with my plans gone amuck so here you will stay with my heart in dismay never to be as pretty as a bouquet yet in my mind to you i will bind never having resigned i will keep all these memories right here in my head to imagine a world full of fun and joy and i will never lose you and i will always use you and i will keep you near right here, in my heart.
A note!
mushroom speaks only the truth.
hey, you