matt: Skills

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If you unlearn $skill, the quest $quest will be removed from your quest log.

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Skills learned

Master Gardener
Potionmaking III
Transcendental Radiation II
Bureaucratic Arts II
Martial Imagination
Focused Meditation
Cocktail Crafting II
Transcendental Radiation I
Cocktail Crafting I
Piety I
Penpersonship I
Nudgery I
Fiber Arts II
Fiber Arts I
Furnituremaking II
Fox Brushing
Furnituremaking I
Meditative Arts III
Meditative Arts II
Blending II
EZ Cooking II
Grilling II
Herbalism III
Herbalism II
Light Green Thumb III
Soil Appreciation V
Potionmaking II
Potionmaking I
Herbalism I
Soil Appreciation IV
Teleportation V
Teleportation IV
Teleportation III
Arborology V
Arborology IV
Bog Specialization
Animal Kinship VII
Jellisac Hands
Croppery III
Saucery II
Tinkering V
Tinkering IV
Engineering I
Tinkering III
Croppery II
Teleportation II
Bubble Tuning
Spice Milling
Fruit Changing
Light Green Thumb II
Croppery I
Soil Appreciation III
Animal Husbandry
Remote Herdkeeping
Animal Kinship VI
Master Chef II
Animal Kinship V
Arborology III
Master Chef I
Arborology II
Cheffery III
Cheffery II
Tinkering II
Mining IV
Mining IV
Animal Kinship IV
Animal Kinship III
Alchemy II
Intermediate Admixing
Tinkering I
Saucery I
Grilling I
Blending I
Arborology I
Soil Appreciation II
Mining III
Refining II
Animal Kinship II
Teleportation I
Bureaucratic Arts I
Crystallography I
Mining II
Alchemy I
Light Green Thumb I
Soil Appreciation I
Meditative Arts I
Refining I
Mining I
Element Handling
Cheffery I
EZ Cooking I
Animal Kinship I