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Doctor A. T. Morgue

My glitchen is visibly unimpressed, which is unfair.


hurr, tiny kitten jump. MASTERLY JUMPING PROWESS ZOMBG

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A note!
You are a lovelyface for making this game c:

me and my friends from all over the world play this together and feel less isolated because of it.

So, thanks <3<3<3
A note!
i have left you some presents :) <3<3
<3 thankyou
Thank you so much for making this game.
It has kept me sane and happy where no one else around me is willing to be creative or lovely.
I am genuinely crying :)

I wish there were some way that I could help keep the game running. If possible, could you guys keep the encyclopedia up as an archive? I love all the little conversations i've had with pigs and shrines and trees and rocks and i don't want them to dissappear into the nothing of the internets.

I hope you have a wonderful life, and that your future project are filled with as much love and beauty as this one.

<3 to all at Tiny Spec

kitten xxxxxxxx