Mercedes Kimura

(Jan Heinz)


Mercedes Kimura joined LAST HANGERS- ON
a long time ago
Mercedes Kimura joined Normal Chat
a long time ago
Teleportation V Mercedes Kimura finished learning the Teleportation V skill
a long time ago
Basic Larva Lover Mercedes Kimura earned the Basic Larva Lover badge
a long time ago
Master Gardener Mercedes Kimura finished learning the Master Gardener skill
a long time ago


A note!
I wanted to give you some bags and stuff, but you have gone offline. I hope it doesn't get stolen. (Your butler hasn't arrived yet, either.)
A note!
Triangular key (red/green) at Newcot Close,
Open path at Northwest Passage - Wintry place
Hexagon key (blue/red) at Coldthorp Lam,
Hexagon key (blue/red) at Shillrigg Tiers - Snool
Triangle key (yellow/blue) at Hauki Seeks basement,
Triangle key (reg/green) at Groodle Meadow basement - Fernucopia
Square key (orange/blue) at Egret Taun basement,
Triangle key (reg/green) at Gregarious Tower basement - Blooian

Triangular key (yellow/purple) at Thornfad Layers
Triangular key (blue/white) at Subarna Spells
Hexagon key (green/orange) at Firdaus Finds
Hexagon key (blue/white) at Sheba Shales

Lot of wood trees behind a tiny door at Afar Whence, Magha Shank

New locations: Jal, Ormonos, Lida, Vantala
Mining note!
Barbara: 250 chunks - 50 ingots, needs girders (20 per piece), made 7 so far, 4 delivered
Daphne: 190 chunks - 36 ingots, needs metal rods (2 per piece) - made 20 rods (spent 40 ingots)
10 chunks=2 ingots
So long, and thanks for the fish
I hope the source codes and assets will be made available for the fans to make use of. Even though the company says that it'd be unfeasible for them to run the game - at worst nothing will happen, and at best they'll make a big surprise.
It's the end of the world as we know it!