I like oases, ocelots, oddities, ointment, olives, ooids, orchids, ostriches, ouakaris, and oysters.


Status update
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Fox Brushing Flitflot finished learning the Fox Brushing skill
a long time ago
Bureaucratic Arts II Flitflot finished learning the Bureaucratic Arts II skill
a long time ago
Crystallography I Flitflot finished learning the Crystallography I skill
a long time ago
Smelting Flitflot finished learning the Smelting skill
a long time ago
Martial Imagination Flitflot finished learning the Martial Imagination skill
a long time ago


O Mighty Lem
Wandering one, hear my prayer....

I wish to run my toes over all of the streets of Ur!
I wish to poke my nose into all of the seams.
I wish to fly through clouds and swim through the seas.
I wish to delve in the depths and rise to the heights.

If you aren't too busy, please help me on my quest.

Piggy Feeder
I don't play every day but I'll try to fill it when I can... I was in the same boat until recently and a friend filled mine for me. :)