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I should really dispose of this note, but I have not yet. Please feel free to leave your own in this room :)
I think that I've wasted most of my life waiting for it to start. Please do not do this. Things are never going to be this magical world where nothing is awkward and nothing can be embarrassing. But here, they're not going to make fun of you for participating, or expressing yourself in any way, shape, or form. So please, make the most of your time. It's so important to us and we want it to be important to you, so make it that way.

-Kodan Armada
Ink Blots
In all honesty, I have had to look at ink blots before (in 2011). The social worker doing the testing told me the results would reveal nothing I didn't already know. I still don't know what the results were, as I had to wait until I left the psychiatric unit to see them. I guess telling me what the results were wasn't a priority. Oh well. -Dartha
Boring Magazine
Messages telling you to lose weight and be skinny. Advertisements for tabacco products and alcohol, with huge warning ads. Boring articles. Oh look, more advertisements. I'm bored already.
Hey... Uhm... Well, mister, I, uh, lost my mommy.

Did you take her?

She has pretty red hair and a white pearl necklace. She likes the color blue and, uhm, she is pretty. Help?
Is this where my mommy went?
I'm lost in the supermarket (I think...) and I'm trying to find my mommy. Help!


PS, could you buy me some race cars? Mommy doesn't ever buy them for me :(
I'm hooked on something...
It's bad, it's really bad... I'm hooked on phonics.

+1 to whoever gets this!