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Good-bye to the best-imagined game and gaming community ever. It was enchanting and absolutely preposterous - and I really loved every minute of play. My undying gratitude to the developers that made it all happen, and to the players that worked together to create such an inviting place to play.

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Sadie the Goat

Thank you, my Bro worked on that one as well. They have worked really hard on sequel.. if you do see it, I hope you will enjoy it (and okay to wait til DVD) ;-)

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Status update
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a long time ago

My last moments in Ur...


aww... I would love to have one last spin in Ur!

Scarlett Bearsdale

Near the end. All the snaps I took on the last night did not save, but I have copies on my hard drive. It looked mostly the same as this, though.


Glad to see you, Siria!
Hi Siria,
Glad to catch you online today! Please im me when we are both in the game and you want to hang out!
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