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Thanks for all the Glitchiness
Dear Stoot - I just wanted to give a hearty "thanks" for creating this amazing game. I live and work in the Bay Area and really believed Glitch and Tiny Speck were going to reach profitability. (I was plotting to come work for you once you got beyond hiring just devs and community leaders -- mwahaha...)

You've built a fun, beautiful and inspiring game, and I'm thankful I've been able to play with you for the past year+.

Be well, and take heart in the fact that your game has been the catalyst for a million acts of Glitchy kindness.

A crazy, beautiful and worthwhile game
To the Tiny Speck staff:

I'm a lifelong PC gamer but never got into MMORPG's because of the predominant testosterone-fueled war-mongering in most games.

Then I found Glitch.

I first fell in love with the art, the beautiful look and feel of the game.

Then I was delighted by the music, so playful and whimsical and spirit-boosting.

And finally, but most importantly, I fell in love with Glitch's values: joyful discovery, cooperative team-building, the rewards of sharing, giving, helping those with fewer resources.

You talked about the desire to create a "crazy, beautiful and worthwhile game." You suggest you failed at the "worthwhile" bit because it didn't make investors or employees lots of money. I would argue that even if Glitch was a financial failure, it was worthwhile in so many ways that matter so much more than pure dollars.

So thank you. For creating this wonderfully worthwhile game. It is, and will probably remain for a long time, the best game I've ever played.