Janun Harmaa

Can't sleep, the pendulums will get me.


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Remember... by Kerra
Let's go back.......
Close your eyes.....And go back.....
Before the Internet or the MAC,
Before semi-automatics and crack,
Before chronic and endo...
Before SEGA or Super Nintendo
Way, Way back.....
I'm talkin' about hide and go seek at dusk.
Sittin' on the porch,
Hot bread and butter.
The ice cream man,
Eatin' a 'super dooper sandwich',
Red light, Green light.
Chocolate milk,
Lunch tickets,
Penny candy in a brown paper bag.
Hopscotch, butterscotch, doubledutch
Jacks, tag, kickball, dodgeball, y'all!
Mother May I?
Hula Hoops and Sunflower Seeds,
Jolly Ranchers, blowpops, Mary Janes,
Grape and Watermelon Now-Laters
(what about "Alexander the grape," "lemonheads")
Running through the sprinkler...
The smell of the sun.....
Watchin' Saturday Morning cartoons,
Fat Albert, Road Runner, The Three Stooges, and Bugs Bunny,
Layin' on the ground & decidin' what the clouds/stars are shaped like.
Quilts over the clothesline made good tents,
Do you Remember that?
A note!
Stoot, the Rube and the Rook walk into the Hell Bar.

The Bartender looks up and says, "Is this some kind of of a joke?"
Swan Heart by Arraine
I see you today
A swan, graceful and diving
Far away, into the deep blue sky.

But tonight you reach
for my heart; you touch
the deepest well of my soul.

Your feathers drape across my cheek,
leaving graceful swirls of down
to lead me down to sleep.

You sing for me to sleep,
your swan song lulling me
into a drifting slumber.

I cannot bring myself
to resist your tender touch
You are my downfall,
my pure white beauty.

I feel your heart,
its gaze, every facet
of your face upon my own.

I see you, my dear one
Swan face, human heart,
my cherished beloved.

I leave you now,
but only for slumber,
my woman disguised
as perfection.

This place, fittingly chosen, to me presents the furthest you can get from the world of Ur whilst still within Glitch. Rising upwards, towards the sky, you end up here. Eventually, the world below and around you fades away. Has the Rook won? Will the Giants forget us?