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Two weeks later and I'm still pining for the meadows of Groddle and the hills of Alakol. :(

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  1. Rap

    nevergotto that part. but hey i want monkeys

Status update

Glitchen friends: for those of you who don't already know, you can find me at Please feel free to come and say hello, or send a message if you would like my AIM handle.

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It took me forever to realize I could replay this. I'm so sad that this is the only time I will.


One of the first places I ever journeyed to. Maybe not a bad place to wait out the last...


A note!
And did our laughter, did our tears
have some purpose after all?
Did we toil in vain in hope
that wisdom came from what we'd done?
Even lands we once called home
lie undiscovered and unknown.
Only heaven's silence for an answer.
- VNV Nation, 'Genesis'
So long...
... and thanks for all the Glitch.