Potionmaking III Anatari finished learning the Potionmaking III skill
a long time ago
Tinkering IV Anatari finished learning the Tinkering IV skill
a long time ago
Shrub Snuggler Anatari earned the Shrub Snuggler badge
a long time ago
Mayor of Sprayerville Anatari earned the Mayor of Sprayerville badge
a long time ago
Seasoned Scullery Sleuth Anatari earned the Seasoned Scullery Sleuth badge
a long time ago
Silver Gristle Award Anatari earned the Silver Gristle Award badge
a long time ago


A note!
Feel free to nibble the piggies, squeeze the chickens, and harrass my butterflies if you need meat or grain or milk. I only ask that you re-stock the pig feeder, these little fellas are always hungry.

Anything underneath this sign is a gift. Take what you need, leave what you don't for the next guest!

the wood tree
please use the provided fertilidust if you harvest the wood tree down. they're delicate little things!

thanks <3