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And now deep thoughts, by Saucelah: Folks, I'm with you, I've noted the lack of iMG and currant content for long-time players too. But this isn't a surprise: they took the game back to beta to rework it entirely, not to add retention content for us stubborn folks who agreed to stick around for a chance to be at the edge of a game in beta. I'm sure TS is aware of how much iMG we are sitting on -- and I'm just as sure that it would be a sign of skewed priorities to change that while working to get the game live again.

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But, but, as a long-time player, I know more about game design than the developers of the game I play do, certainly. Isn't that how this works? *Runs over to the forums to make a small-violin post about YC shucking and quoin travel cards getting nerfed with everyone else*

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in this spot
In this single spot,

nestled among the splintered, snow-covered eaves of stone,
if you stand without stirring, you can feel the mountains breathing.

Listen. Hear them now, slowly passing down the tale of an Ur unsung,
to you,



in this moment,
in this time.

Your body is a part of these mountains, and the wind gently stirs the tiny speck of ur inside you, reminding you of all who have come before,

and all those
who will come to pass,
like seeds
lost in the wind.
Alive, I say! (ode to a metal rock project)
On this day,
I rose the gleaming mound
and all its stony glory,
to a proper style,
from that lazy pile
of tired rubble I found, where once it lay,
telling no one its story.

Awake, O dreaming stone.
Rise, lazy rock, I say!

(Please leave the small, shiny object in place. It is a structural shiny object with no instrinic value, except that it keeps the world together.)