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To Whomever May Come Across This...
I was a tourist that joined this wonderful game during the last days. Scribblecat, a beautiful friend of mine, brought me here to share with me something she loved. I didn't know what to think in the beginning, but within minutes, I was awestruck with Glitch's kind-hearted nature and unique brand of foolery. I've seen astounding scenery, sent cubimals to war, fed pigs themselves and pondered the emblems of the Giants. I've overthought beans 11 times over and cuddled with the heli cats. I stood before the Shrine to Stoot... and then met the man by happenstance. Yet I know that I cannot possibly have scratched the surface of this massive imagi-drome's offerings that Stoot's doll attests to wanting to make bigger. Though I am limited by my lack of experience, I've seen more than enough to feel sorrow as the sun sets on this place one final time. So to whomever finds this, thank you for being a part of this humble game of imagination.

May this note live in the memory of its reader.
From whence the Final Tourist came...
And went back again...