Quoin Multiplier: 1.7x
Brain Capacity: 22 skills
Energy Tank: 180

Upgrades Korra has gotten!

Spicy Times This upgrade gives you a chance for bonus Imagination when using the Spice Mill. Grind it out!
Got it Wed. July 11, 2012
Increase your Brain Capacity by 1 Your brain capacity determines how fast you learn skills: when you're over capacity, learning slows down.
Got it Mon. July 9, 2012
Reshuffle Reshuffle the Deck, above and beyond your one free daily reshuffle.
Got it Mon. July 9, 2012
Hoe Down More aggressive hoeing gives you more Imagination but wears your Hoe (or High Class Hoe) down faster.
Got it Mon. July 9, 2012
Rube's Favorite You're nobody's chump! The Rube will no longer offer you cheap items after this upgrade.
Got it Tue. June 12, 2012
Energy Tank +10 Life's a lot less fun on an empty tank: make yours bigger!
Got it Tue. June 5, 2012

Upgrades given during conversion

In addition to the upgrades noted below, at the time of conversion a number of energy tank, quoin multiplier and brain capacity upgrades were automatically purchased for Korra. The number of each was based on their character's level and how many of the old "better learning" skills they had.

Walk Speed I Truly the minimum acceptable walk speed. Anything else is maddening. You really MUST get this upgrade.
Got it Wed. July 18, 2012
Walk Speed II A decently brisk speed, though still slightly slower than the average mature Glitch.
Got it Wed. July 18, 2012
Walk Speed III This is the tin standard the most common walking speed, the one the Giants intended as the speed at which a Glitch walks.
Got it Wed. July 18, 2012
High Jumper I Only a simple boost from the merest beginner jump however, this upgrade allows you to easily clear those pesky mushroom tops.
Got it Wed. July 18, 2012
High Jumper II This is a comfortable jump height. Not too small, certainly: it's just about right!
Got it Wed. July 18, 2012
Baby Triple Jump This is the "starter" Triple Jump. Try it on for size! Usage instructions: jump right after you land three times in a row and boing!
Got it Wed. July 18, 2012