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Farting in French
Peter (pet-ay): verb, "to fart"


Je p?te = I fart
Tu p?tes = You fart (singular, informal)
Il/elle/on p?te = He/she/one farts
Nous petons = We fart
Vous petez = You fart (plural, formal)
Ils/elles p?tent = They fart (masculine/feminine)

Past Participle: p?t?

Past Tense:
J'ai p?t? = I farted
Tu as p?t? = You farted
Il a p?t? = He farted
Nous avons p?t? = We farted
Vous avez p?t? = You farted
Ils ont p?t? = They farted

Past Imperfect:
Je petais = I was farting
Tu petais = You were farting (singular/informal)
Il petait = He was farting
Nous petions = We were farting
Vous petiez = You were farting (plural/formal)
Ils petaient = They were farting

Related phrases:

Qui a p?t?? = Who farted?
Est-ce que les pets sont grumeleux? = Are farts lumpy?
Je p?te en ton direction g?n?ral! = I fart in your general direction!
Quelqu'un coup? le fromage. = Someone cut the cheese.
Je dois se changer mon pantalon... = I need to change my pants...