Bunkr Hilz

I like cheese, snapping photos, and walking barefoot in places I shouldn't.



Hello and Goodbye and Thanks
On November 11th a newish friend of mine asked if I'd ever been introduced to the world of Glitch. I admitted I hadn't, and he promptly invited me to join. At first reluctant, I was instantly absorbed into this beautiful world, it's haunting music and endless opportunity for adventure. I relished the chance to play for time to come. A few days later, the notice was posted of the world's end. As disappointing as it is to be drawn in to something so soon only to see it go, I am glad I gave it a chance and I have no regrets. I am grateful to be a part of Ur even if the time is brief. The imagery and the melodies will be at the fringes of my dreams for some time to come.


Bunkr Hilz
26th of Widdershins at 8:22am