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Teleport Rides!
Want to get to Hazy Gate 3, In Xalanda, quickly, but don't have the ability to teleport? Send me in IM, and I'd be happy to get you there in a flash. Bring a friend!
Until we meet again
I started playing Glitch a little less than a month ago. I had a lot of friends who really liked it, to the point of obsession, and I was curious. The game sounded ridiculous. I needed a time-waster. I didn't have much expectation for the game. Boy, was I in for a surprise. The game was gorgeous: beautiful graphics, beautiful music, and the best community of people on the internet I've ever seen. There was no violence, no bullying, no serious trolling: people are cooperative, friendly, and wondeful.

I'm going to miss this game, quite a lot. But I know that someday, the market for this kind of thing will exist. Glitch was the proof of concept, but unfortunately it's too far ahead of it's time to succeed the way it deserves to. But one day, that will no longer be true, and we'll meet again in another game, in another time.

Until then, never forget to dream.

Forever yours,