I'm the curator of the Museum of Jellisacs. (not to be confused with the also excellent Museum of Jellisac) Drop by and visit!


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Ice Baby Rhodan earned the Ice Baby badge
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Maruchan purchased Rhodan's auction of 40x Pocket Salmon, for 400 currants.
a long time ago
Transcendental Radiation III Rhodan finished learning the Transcendental Radiation III skill
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Rhodan's auction of 6x Rookswort, for 562 currants, has expired.
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A gooey diary page
Theday 34th of Fever, year 23

Dear diary;

Today is the day! I can feel it in my claws. I have snuck into the museum while the curator was out squeezing his chickens and waited until nightfall... Soon all of the most delicate and valuable jellisacs will be mine for the taking!
I keep hearing this odd squishy noise though, and it seems one of the jellisacs has been taken from its exhibit. I wonder where it we-

(This next paragraph seems to be nothing but unintelligible scrawls and scribbles, obscured with ink stains and jellisac goop. The next paragraph is more legible, but the handwriting looks rather shaky.)

To anyone unfortunate enough to read this: RUN
I'm leaving this page here as a warning to other. Leave this museum while you still can! There is no hope for me... It won't let me leave... THEY won't let me leave...
Please... Beware the... Shimla Mirch... The secret is in Shim-

(The note ends here)