(C. Frye)


Mining IV Worthashot finished learning the Mining IV skill
a long time ago
Big League Decrustifier Worthashot earned the Big League Decrustifier badge
a long time ago
Worthashot reached level 31
a long time ago
Gak Gak added Worthashot as a friend! (it's mutual)
a long time ago
Compulsive Moisturizer Worthashot earned the Compulsive Moisturizer badge
a long time ago
Best Nester Worthashot earned the Best Nester badge
a long time ago


Do not stand at my grave and weep
I am not there, I do not sleep.

Actually mourn that shit. I died for your achievement and participation in this feat.

What have the giants done for you lately?
You are a giant here.
In this place, there are no giants. I have imagined a world without giants, and this is what I have created. Contribute where you can. Do what you want. You cannot destroy a world we created together. Imagine a world without giants and you will become one.

Worthashot the Wise
A Work in Progress
I'm currently building my shop tower, please pardon our dust while we build a tower to prove there are no giants.