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Status update

If, by some random chance, any admin or other person in touch with the giants' pals happens to get in touch with this, I'd just like to say thanks a lot for everything! I feel bad about taking back the refund when given the option, but, though it is small, it came at an opportune time for myself. I wish you all luck, and if something else comes around, I look forward to being involved with it. Thanks!

2 replies

2 replies
  1. Rook

    If it helps, I could reply to this and perhaps they'll read it.

  2. kastlin

    I'm sure that if enough of us reply, one of them will see this!! It was such great fun visiting your street during the big give-aways. If I remember correctly, I got an upgrade card or two from your butler! Mostly, it was fun just going to see!! Take care!!