Intrepia's Snaps

together one last time.
fondling our last piggy.
goodbye, old home.
bpa <3
porkfondlers of venet root.
goodbye, tower.
i'm going to miss you, my beautiful world. <3
piggy in the sky with diamonds.
it's a kitty!!
to serve man and then eat him because this is a cookbook.
i thought these were just legend...
in chicken jail...
the doors are open.
i'm sorry, little glitchmas yeti. keep hoping!
what a world for a lonely butterfly.
don't worry, horsie, i can't believe this is happening either.
this is the way the world ends.
omg a piano!
coming soon?
day in the sun.
omg. this place. and filled with the saddest goodbye notes in the...
distant. end.
just the two of us.
where will this bridge take me?
the winter sky.
so pretty!
almost forgot this feeling of wonder.
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