Ganesha Xi in SL's Snaps

The Rube is sad.
Religious messages do not escape us in Glitch.
Garden in a tree!
Interesting take on "pushing daisies" :D
Curious... The last zero of the price is below the price tag.
My butterfly stick is HUGE!
A sleeping... thing... with a snot bubble and drool... By jove, I...
Sleeping in their trains after a purple bender.
My house is so messy :(
Seams weird...
Itty bitty nakee Glitchy!
Look behind me... There's supposed to be a hairball essence in an...
Bubbles! Bubblesbubblesbubblesbubbles
You can't stand there, Butler!
Mokta left 5 minutes ago...
La casa
Playin' my conch for change at the sub station...
All the no-no!
Oh, Hell!
We made a beary big mess!
My house is such a mess!!!
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