Kristen Marie's Snaps

Pirates! Oh No!
Walking the plank just doesn't seem the same in this context...
The Rube, where he belongs.
Var appears to have turned into a glowing red orb with a head!
I must have been naughty.
This is almost too cute and sad for words.
smooching boomy behind the tree!
Staring Contest in HELL.
Huh... I wonder what this is about?
Taunting Yeti with some "not for sale" bubble teas....
PBMS! Kicking Rook butt!
Well, ok.
New tower room. Thoughts?
Who you calling a Hoe?
Someone dreams of tincturing... while the glow worm project...
Hmmm... a caterpillar, some light bulbs, and a blender. Are we...
Some improvements to the garden.
The man with the power? Dance Magic Dance...
Has this paper tree always been here???
How am I standing here?
The Tower of Nakedness!
Someone's in trouble!
Does it now, Yeti?
anyone else sort of reminded of Lost?
SB1 for EVERYONE... or thanks sauce for playing it for us. :D
A proposal if I've ever heard one.
Adding some touches of new colors. Like?
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