oscarette's Snaps

It will all be okay.
We're here together, but LC has actually left. But maybe as long...
This is maybe the saddest I have been in the game.
I am made of spun sugar.
I will live under the sofa and they will never know.
This is my tree. Plant-thing. Whatever.
Shooting star.
oh, it's persistent: how odd.
What is this display???
Me and the bunny.
Hi, we're home!
It could be a still, in the new box. A still is bigger than a...
Hmm, it's bigger than a moving box.... what can be inside?
tra la la....
hee hee hee
I'm going to jump for that quoin and you're still not going to...
Is that cheerier? :-/
Tragic feat. :(
Getting warmer..... nope, actually you're not getting warmer!
Come AT me!
wait, count battra isn't even here???
I am in the story!!!
Ah, we meet again, Deimaginator!
nyah, nyah!
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