Anaglyph's Snaps

This is how it always ends.
Pizza topping
Never thought I'd see a cat flying.
Naked and on the moon!
Word games
King of the instruments
Everyone's favourite word
Took ten minutes to get this U but it was worth it
Thanks for playing!
Everyone was mining for the sparkly feat!
Glitch train derailed
Strange bug where I move while standing still
Unexpected feature
Tower finished! It's twice as high as I can jump!
Didn't expect to hear an SB-1 at this party!
Got my house in more or less the shape I want it at last.
These towers go higher than I expected, and I've still got three...
Got the easy part done, but now the only way is up.
Had a bit of a splurge on wallpaper.
Expansion finished, but the hard part is figuring out what to do...
Went on a construction spree. It's starting to look like someone...