Drakani's Snaps

Farewell party!
Farewell Ur <3
omg helikitties
Just beautiful.
I have so many sads right now. T_T
So beautiful!
Bog club house <3
Can we have the little skulls as decor, please?
Woops. Guess I should have a no food/drink policy...
Making the best of things...
Can I throw a party or what?
House partay!
She was a kind glitch... A noble glitch... though one slightly...
So pretty *_*
Tamasco Roko... because frack physics.
I have found my new home.
Oooohh firefly filter...
Floor one: Charming bog home. Floor two: The play room.
Looking more like home already!
Moving Day! (This was after I picked up several thousand planks...
Since a fire destoryed her bog home (a common occurance in the...
Piggy rumpus room.
The living room
The 'afterhours' room.
The brewing chamber
Home sweet boghouse
Firebog house
Cottage style
Spooky hoooouuse