Axa's Snaps

Love all these love notes--and it's so beautiful!
I love this tune. And yet, now that I know Glitch is ending, I...
I jumped over the moon!
Bliss it is. And Joi de vivre
So many things I will miss about Glitch. So, so many things.
It's a B&W world
Soon it will only be in our imaginations that we can play Glitch....
Greedy little glitchy looks cute from the back as she tries so...
Why, why, WHY can't I pick it up?? It's been sitting here for...
My first friend in Glitch!
Saying Goodbye to Toxic Moon
The giant bug is a dung beetle! OR is it guano beetle??
Tryouts for the Cheerleaders of Ur--or is it the Glitch-o-lympics?
Chewing the wallpaper and sucking on the chandalier
What do YOU do on Thanksgiving?
Visiting NEva Neva to say goodbye
a single candy cane on candy cane lane? why?
What I love most about playing Glitch--floating around for joy
It's all too beautiful!
Oh, it's so beautiful!
It's a party!
I found it again! Wahooo!