Axa's Snaps

Last party in Pitchin Liliput?
oh, g-d. leaving Le Voyage Violette to go to Pitchin Liliput.
Yes, dammit! Beer goggles.
A while, but not long. At least not now.
Okay, figured it out. Lobe this place.
This is what I'll really miss--trying new stuff isn't scary
Can't jump, can't levitate. Wah! Spinach doesn't work. What am I...
Too ironic under the current circs. Only way it will be better...
I have an invisible house--the ghost of houses past, perhaps?
Our amazing leader crystal helped us get the glitch train badge!
Where is everyone??
HI. HI.!
It's just wrong. And hilarious.
So what's in the tipi?
It's the comet!
It just happened!
The madness infects Cebarkul
We're all batty on this bus! PBMS goes batty for hi signs
How do I begin to explain this?
I have an invisible house! Lots of pie, though--you should stop...
Jiireesh is a risin'!! So THAT's what Garden gnomes call...
But when they adore me, it's even better!
This is fun
Look ma--I'm on top of the world!
But not any more! I'm keeping it this time.
It is so nice and peaceful here.
The fire seems to be crackling ;>)