Cabra's Snaps

the mistery of the firefly jars
really love this idea.
a wish a day?? WAAAAAAAAAAANT!
oh these pets would have been neat!
I think this is the only snap I have with my craftybot. I did...
say cheese!
omg GIANT FOOD! I'm hungry now!
i think i saw a puddy cat! (a big one)
such a kewl window... thanks for ponting it out 1padme :D
r u ok buddy?
whatha hel-is that?
this guy is cute
this game is absofuckinglutely preposterous.
this is my fave style. in my fave color. Glutton Greens FTW!
as large.
dino looks hungry, even when asleep...
yeah, summoned here too.
I feel so small. and sad.
nekkid party on cebarkul's log :)
I need another crying-nostalgic emote for this one.
should I worry? ,... I mean, she was nekkid and only saw me for a...
shy. nekkid here!
"piedad Gregorio!!, no me dejes en ésta cárcel por un crimen...
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