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Came for some quiet reflection. Wondering if Fenman Falters was a...
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And now I remember again!
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My Glitch Home
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Our hearts are so full of love for you, Glitch. -Faereluth, Joe...
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Chicken...its whats for dinner
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There is so much meaning in this simple snap. Thank you for a...
this is the end, my friend. I'll miss you more than you'll ever...
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...the feeling of comfort i had playing Glitch... :(
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flying piggy
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My new cave home :D
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If you wait for just the right moment- a moment will come out of...
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Glitch love.
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Lem celebrates Zilloween as well..
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Happy Zilloween!
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He's coming for ya!
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Peek-a-boo :)
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And the winner is...
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We huddle together, knowing that these could be our final moments...
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Heaven is the clearest blue, touched by loves warm breath, Its...
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The High Seas
Sorry .... you'll have to try elsewhere!
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There be a Kracken!!
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