Hab's Snaps

Seeing RM for the last time
Toxic moon party to last 21 more hours - LOL! (with less than an...
Hearing SB1 for the last time
Gnomeo was such a flatterer! :')
Yes, the winter of all our discontent, Kukubee!
My Pumpkin goodbyes
My Pumpkins saying goodbye...
Last night in my yard :'(
*sings* Sunshine, lollypops and rainbows everything... thats how...
Jule taking me on a whirlwind trip to some of the places I'd...
Last lunch with my dear friend Jule
Thanks for THAT cheerful thought, horseman!
In Hell with another horseman - how appropriate!
One last drink with my fave bartender!
The beauty of the "beautiful briny sea"
pigtails are so cool in the water! LOL
Floating with Jule
Aquarius party!
Me & my best bud Jule!!!
Petting the heli-kitties!!!
Trying to seduce stoot - shake those butt feathers, girl! LOL
Hardest! Yes, I know, dearest stoot! xoxo
Help from a new friend
But not quite - how could I ever forget it...
What moments of comfort and true joy you have given me, Ur! I...
Yes, wonder. What a wonderful world it has been.
An Autumn's Day - beautiful! Thank you for all the beauty, TS!
On a Winter's Day...
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