Lord Bacon-o's Snaps

Big doors.
Still hoping in with be an In-N-Out Burger.
I always want to leap and grab that 2nd vine and find The Missing...
Experimentin' in the lab.
Bacon-o Plaza has a new look.
Ah yes. Coming home to a street of weeds. Sigh.
Dark and scary woods.
My favorite tower name.
The ghosts of barnacles past...
I have to clean it up and make it pretty, but Tower Musicbox...
"Discover Ix," they said. "Have an...
Royalty visits the tool vendor.
When will this open? I wanna listen to some records.
Spooky... Yet I heart her.
The inner mind...
Doin' some revisiting...
The Incredible Shinking Hoe Hole
Alone in the dark.
Le Bistr-o.
Club Ur'ges has only been open a couple of day and we've remodled.
Now open: The Poison & Poop Shoppe. Floor 2 of 30 Bacon-o Plaza.
Ow. Bad trip, man.