Lord Bacon-o's Snaps

Crap! The cops are upstairs! Hide the 'plants'!
At home, a sketch.
Closer and closer. And starting to run low on credits.
The Space Door.
My least used room may be my favorite.
Now with flags!
First attempt. Needs more unification.
The Tower of Giants Room.
The lab.
The foyer. "Ode to Water."
The game room.
The foyer/room of fish.
The workshop/jamming room.
Damn. I missed the Sloth Knockers concert.
Slowly digging out.
Trisor all pixelated.
Finally have it the way I want it.
Welcome to my den. I see you admiring my fish. There are many.
Picture window.
Pile of empty bags. Where is recycling?
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