so what you do is, pour an embignifying potion inside the log. then you go AFK on top and laugh when people get stuck!
Calamity Snood
smart ass:) Love the lil eyes poking thru the log!
8 years ago
stoot barfield
[This is good]
8 years ago
La Mariposa
8 years ago
Ruby Specklebottom
those eyes have a look of terror in them.
so now i got to watch where i'm walking so i don't get stuck
8 years ago
Fine idea!
8 years ago
that's so funny
8 years ago
I don't "like" this, I absolutely love it!!!!! And, the crazed eyes of the stuckees in the log, priceless.
8 years ago
Smiling Flounder
Clever girl
8 years ago
It's actually something shameful. I spent $10k currants doing this. At one point I had potions on both ends and had tears of laughter running down my face as I watched bloated Glitchen trying to jump on top of the log. Some of them were baby Glitches. I hope I don't do it again
8 years ago
8 years ago
Sir Lagsalot
Booknerd, I dub thee Prankster Prince.
8 years ago
I believe that may well be the best use of 10k currants I've seen. Bravo!!!
8 years ago
I told my brother to do it, And I wanted to do it.
But my brother didn't let me and said it was too mean! >:[
8 years ago
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