Jack Off Ruby, so named by Kukubee, is the last of it's kind. A dong imagined the day we discovered the secret of the Dragon, in essence the Dragon's dong. No longer will the giant dongs live with us on the moon, but instead Jack Off Ruby will keep silent watch as the plugs are pulled and our Urth disappears from all but our hearts and memories. Thank you Kukubee for all the dongs in Ur they will be in our hearts always.
Osiris ?
I love this. Truly a masterpiece. Thank you for this, Piece and Kukubee
10 years ago
Shmoopie Kerfuffle
Yeah, quite a dong masterpiece! A wonder to behold!!!
10 years ago
Of all the constructive efforts I have witnessed in Ur, this most be the most magnificent erection of them all.
10 years ago
In the words of Batcleops (I am Bruce Cleops today): Ur is always darkest before the dong.

May this masterpiece splurge seeds of Glitchiness on you all as you head out into the real world (and you never know - in 9 months one of you could give birth to a baby dong which you call Jack off Jnr, and has a bowl haircut and tie)
10 years ago
Ding and indeed dong.
10 years ago
And yet a other piece of art has been created......and how I am gonna mis that and all the other good things in here.......where are we gonna go and find this great wonders again........homeless yet again....
10 years ago
a brilliant dong to you all...
10 years ago
Oh. It sparkles.
10 years ago
bravo! Truly a work of art.
10 years ago
Captain Daisy
Just felt someone needed to set you straight - hearts aren't where dongs should go...
10 years ago
DOOMy Nutpuncher
it's... magnificent!
10 years ago
After three years, I am all out of dong euphemisms.

I am gonna miss these works of art, and moreso, you guys so hard.
I'm saving this to my desktop to remember forever as a testiment to all you've done.
I don't know ejactly what Ill do next, but I hope to run into you guys somewhere down the line.
And if you guys find a new home, I will be sure to come.
Getting sacked was not the end for me.
But rather, I see it as a seminal stage in all of our friendship as a community.
So don't feel down. Stand erect.
Keep your head up high.
We will all meat again.


(Okay, maybe I'm not completely out)
10 years ago
OMG IT's huuuuuuuuuge! Also quite breathtaking!
10 years ago
Wonderful, lovely, the best one ever.
10 years ago
Zowee! Fantastic, Piece. And, Kukubee---you made me LOL, as usual.
10 years ago
Im definitely going to miss you Kukubee... everything about you from your random hilarious comments, to your incredible game creating programming skills. :(
10 years ago
Kul Koba
Indeed a monumental intervention.
Now we need to rename Toxic Moon to Phallic Moan.
10 years ago
i am deeply, deeply worried....
10 years ago
Ruby Specklebottom
A moon dong.
10 years ago
LOL...I love it!
10 years ago
the most glorious dong in history! well done piece!!!
10 years ago
10 years ago
10 years ago
rook knight =]
too freaking funny, but where's the toxic poon ?
10 years ago
A modestly sized dong of nonetheless staggering beauty.
10 years ago
Kul Koba
Ah, btw: youtu.be/fzuvQXDUybE
10 years ago
saving this whole web page as 'Kukubees_Dong.htm'
10 years ago
Oh. Em. Gee.
10 years ago
no words. This is the Stanley Kubrick's Oscar of dongs.
10 years ago
Speechless. Love.
10 years ago
Too Dam clever for words..luv it!!! :D
10 years ago
lol...I didn't see this one until I went to FB. Great work, Piece!! :D
10 years ago
Kul Koba: Did I see a craftybot dong in that lunchbox?
10 years ago
"If you build it, they will come"
10 years ago
Absalutly awsome, best work ever done that I have seen. :D
10 years ago
one of a kind!
10 years ago
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