Well, I'll be damned. I ran all the way here to see the penis and all I find is a heart filling with love. You know like a sand timer. *rolls eyes at some people's imaginations*
Burt Macklin
Nope. It's a dong. A really deformed dong.
8 years ago
It is the ascension of cubis to Ur heaven.
8 years ago
I think it's beautiful, myself.
8 years ago
Holly Waterfall
+1 to Piece's and snygyst's comments
8 years ago
Wrong Way
It looks like they just turned 30 and are going to Carousel.
8 years ago
Osiris ?
If this is a dong, then that's MASSIVE elephantitis of the testicles...see what I did there?
8 years ago
Carl Projectorinski
OX, it's probably cancer.
8 years ago
@Wrong Way -- took me a second, but I figured out from where I know that phrase. Wow, does that take me back!
8 years ago
awesome sauce01
yeah...in no way does this look like a dong... :-S
8 years ago
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