Live Your Dreams' Snaps

Purple sure has a strange affect on some people :)
Heart and comet
Jumping over the moon
The last spirit
Sixth spirit, one more to go ...
The cavern goes on forever ...
Hark: the Giants awaken!
The tranquil extinction is the Bliss.
All things are evanescent!!!
The end is neiiiiiiiighgh!
I can't believe this is happening!!
They did not mourn you before you were born ...
Found my fifth spirit. Only time I've seen one hiding behind a bush
Mmmm, marshmallows and cotton candy
Bippity Bop
Oh, there's the candy cane!
A dream come true!
Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur
Found my fourth spirit
Friendly guy, even if he still refuses to serve me
How bad can it be if there's a bar?
Good work, you've got all the stars!
I've always loved sunsets
Almost forgot this feeling of wonder
Almost forgot this feeling of stillness
Almost forgot this feeling of comfort
Almost forgot this feeling of ...