AlmostSilver's Snaps

I'm gonna miss my old place! Such fun
Thought they might enjoy warming up by the fire when Glitch closes.
Sunshine, Rainbows and Roses to ya! Til we meet again
Great job guys the kitty likes it too!!!
I shall miss sitting by the fireplace drinking my moonshine!
Watch that step it's a dozier!!!!
Enjoying the fire...both places.
Who knew there was a lucky happy I found it....
Love the name!!!!! Doing the route and I love it. Such beautiful...
Now I'm thinking I might make one of these. Too cute... this one too!
Love love love this Jeasilver!
Meet Hunkerbunker...isn't he just the cutest thing..yeah I'm...
Two buddies enjoying a rainy day!
Mac is hiding from the foxes...what a hoot!!!
I seem to have a bit of a problem here
Rube in the Trees
I'm dressed and ready for Croppa Day. Should be a hoot
She's having the same problem...better check my spices or did...
Must have been something he ate....everything is melting.
I feel so small....can you suggest something to help me grow?
My new background!! Lovin it
Poor thing is stuck at "0" life but won't allow me to...
I sense a storm brewing. Thunderboomer on the way but it's still...
Machine Shop is ready. Few more creature comforts needed tho.
Doesn't have to go very far to get his hooch, does he?
Getting there
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