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Goodbye, DIno
Taken by stoot barfield
Sharing the time we have left, with my favourite Glitch ?
My home street style for the end
Taken by stoot barfield
This guy...he's too much!
Jumping bye, over a field of butter
Taken by stoot barfield
Look before you leap!
Taken by RainCat
Me with Gendolyn one more time.
Taken by Umarr
Partying with our head in the clouds.
Cheek to cheek, sweet lovely pal :D
Taken by Bachjess???
One of my longest time and bestest friend's in all of UR. I'm...
4 alts logged in at once on a poxy netbook which is slower than...
Taken by snygyst
And this is the end, all my daily stuff, pleasing someone random....
Gettin' nude, with the Rube.. his offer, no food!
Taken by Sadie the Goat
aint no party like a naked rook attack party
Taken by Enthe
Civility members mine together!
Taken by ricepapergirl
there is an end!
Taken by acreditando
Different type of Cheek: Butts that is :D (with 2 sweet lovely Pals)
Taken by Bachjess???
Taken by Chelsea~1
Taken by Misha
Ah, Seam Streets... clearly have a story to tell, but nothing to...
Taken by Satva Gargoyle
Taken by Momo McGlitch
?Moony moony night ??
Taken by Bachjess???
Me and zoom.b playing on the sweet jumping castle!
Taken by Itsumishi
Waiting for the first naive person to enter..
of course I blinked.
Taken by Jacuzzi Queen
The long and winding road
Taken by snygyst
Taken by Yahtzee
Rube sounds desperate for a trade.
Taken by snygyst
after months of breaking things, we have liftoff.
Taken by greenkozi
What? How strange! Words floating in the sky?
Taken by The Sunset
Hmm. Wonder what he did...
Taken by Jade
3400 Block, Konkan Carom Quarter, Ur - Slips and My houses
Taken by Chelsea~1

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