RainCat's Snaps

In which we all are sad
Awakening Party
Last farewell to Lily
Another street change - the windows are my tears for Glitch, the...
Backyard 2
Backyard 1
1st floor right, welcome to my house
1st floor left, emblems and trophies, oh my
2d floor right - cooking and tickets
2d floor left - herbalism
House 3d right, work area
House 3d left,
Goodbye, house. You are all nice and neat now.
Tower Floor 4 - Playroom
Tower 3 - Visitor's Guestroom and Artifact Display Area
Tower Floor 2 - Uralia meditation room, my favorite room
Tower Floor 1 - Icon Room
Tower Lobby
Another Winter Wingding Party :)
A quiet corner for contemplation
A cozy room at Pick a Lily's
Fun with trees
Orbs and Moons :)
A Civility Glitchmas
Happy Glitchmas (well, sort of happy)
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