Spayem's Snaps

What an absolutely lovely spot!
What an odd... er, thing?
Sharing a secret with The Moon...
Fifth Floor completed!
Do I look like a flying reindeer?
So stunning!
Following Esquibeth
I adore this room in Saucelah's tower!
Neat idea - water fountain flowing into a Squid tank in...
I'm on a signpost!
Hanging out with the crab...
Rube's doin' time for offering bad trades!
Complete summers day
Spayem - Neuterem - get it?! lolol
*giggle* My own Rhett Butler!
Love at first sight!
Time to open The Butler Box!!!
The Story of Butlers Part 3
The second part of the Story of Butler Creation...
A special package squeeeeeee!!!
So tiny!
More prettiness...
Admiring Marrakesh Meadow...
Well, that answers THAT...
Ack! My firefly hive just fell apart! (But my broccoli and...
Decorated with all free stuff - not bad at all.
My new for-real home!
Sooo many boxesss!!!
Do these bags make me look huge?!