I told him to stop following me
Remind me not to make you mad. :D
8 years ago
Hulk smash!
8 years ago
Your bot, wow nice digging!! Just a bit more to the right. Thanks everyone who reads this, for doing good things on glitch, crazy things, fun, and funny things. Thank you bord no more for intertaining me for my whole life at glitch, thank you for hosting and inviting me o parties when I was standing there bord. Thank you for devolopers for creating this awsome game where you don't know what's around the next sign post or even the next step!! All of you created glitch in some unique way. Let me say again, Thank You Bord No More, devolopers, and all of the crazy glitchens who played this game. ~Ghostcat
8 years ago
bored no more bored no more snapped this
at 4:22pm on December 2, 2012
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