bored no more's Snaps

So that's what happened to the salmon....
hmmm.... should've gotten some favor for this
Can't see me
OMG Bacon tracks
The Hokey- Pokey: You're doing it right
the ever elusive 8th ghost
almost there....
Needs to hit spacebar more.
waiting for someone not paying attention. Besides the street...
Confronting the shrine on it's fiendish attacks
I love this game
It may not be the best, but it's certainly the Glitchiest
sometimes, you have to stay on top of things
I looked long and hard, but couldn't find anything out of the...
Glitch: a gem of a game.
ok. this is weird. absolutely preposterous.
noooo! it's Hi Shark! ruuuuuun!!!!
Getting "Hi" together
I tried to relate my story, but they didn't believe me
bored realizes the true nature of fishdom