bored no more's Snaps

bouncing underwater in my swim birthday suit. come join!
I love this new region
so nice
have I now?
yay! got a large rock
B is for Bored
beginning to think the butterflies didn't fall from the heat, but...
if you can't stand the heat.....
I've been arrested by the fashion police
<3 <3 < Glitch
first snap didn't save. I love the new furniture.
my new room part two
bored no more and emo bear wait for their next victim
get visitors... visit.... nope, no option to clobber people
I knew it was missing something. now my shrine is complete :)
trying to strike up a conversation with my butler
my small furniture store. 6th floor.
my furniture store is open. 6th floor. no credits now, but once I...
the green guild display cauliflower power
where's bored?