bored no more's Snaps

bored records her own SB-1
The Starlight Lounge is open!
rehearsal for the Starlight Lounge's grand opening
semi camo on the moon
what am I supposed to do? walk through the wall to get to the...
after numerous trips and lots of swearing! I did two...
nice lobby
no wonder I can't get the star. I'm a drunken flyer.
he's late
well, I know I'm a star, and that's what counts, right?
awww....he got away :(
very clever!
no, they don't have an "OMG sandwich", whatever that is
A swarm of squids. A crowd of cephalopods.
love the name
third floor
second floor
first floor
Guaranteed cheapest... or you'll pay more!
Bumblebeez enters servitude
I refuse to look until you put some clothes on
me and Boredy Jr. we look just alike.
semi-dev party
that seems wrong
it's like looking in a mirror- only the mirror image is asleep
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