RainyRain's Snaps

just me and cosma now
to the bitter end.... Coooosssssssmmmmmaaaaaaaaaa.......
gettin' me a little last bit of staff lovin'
resturant at the end of the universe...
i question your validity....... *ignores*
I feel fine..... you know it
i love you too!!!
I imagine a world with Glitch
"Rain"drop in my wine?
Ride that kitty!
Amazingly beautiful *tears*
PHEW.. i don't think i could have held it any longer!
so pretty!
streaking parade?!??!
winter night sky
I wonder ... if i lick it....... ?
my special Cosma grove
Sleepy Hollow
auto snap.. SNAP!
Stuck in an Etch-a-Sketch... and i like it! tastes like cherry...
Auto snap?
Did I?
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