Green Meanie's Snaps

bye guys - I think of you the next time I have a BLT
Maybe I can win my clothes back
This is all your fault.
Bye bye botler
Home Sweet Home
Trophy Room
Shrine to the Giants
Almost there.......
What has been seen cannot be unseen
Aw :'(
Chicken sh*t.
Ready for blast off - Bye Ur!
It's a dodeca-rainbow....what does it mean?!
What's going on here?!
Ancient Bride and Regional Geographic magazines? Do they come on...
Shouldn't someone clean the litter box?
....or maybe a salty dog?
Yes, I can be a peppery fellow
Ur's hot springs?
"You are here because you are bad" Ain't that the truth!
An avalanche of yetis!
Hey Trisor - whatcha doin out of hell?
My, that's a big pair of ... um ... dice
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