Moi's Snaps

The Chicken-Shaped Brick is BIG!
My brand new pickle! Thanks SO MUCH, VS! <33
Sitting by the nice cozy fire. <3
Evolutionary process in-air!
Kitchen slash dining room! (:
Lounge slash artefact room!
Potion room!
Shrine room!
Sitting Room & Workshop
Take this sinking boat and point it home; we've still got time.
It's the end of the world as we know it...
One of my most frequently-visited shrines. ):
I'll even miss you, silly Beaurocrocs.
Saying goodbye to Marche.
M is for Moi!
Cosma, Pot, and Maaaaaaaaab!
Look how gorgeous our giants is <3
GORGEOUS. Ugh this quest is probably my favourite so far <3
Rainbows and hearts and his, oh my!
Take THAT, Colour Blocking!
Feeling like a proper Spriggot now (:
Possibly my favourite Glitch street ever.
This is a test.