Moi's Snaps

Moi the giant batterfly is about to eat the unsuspecting Glitchen.
Heeeere's Brucey!
Um, excuse me, do you have a warrant?
*happy sobs*
The zombie botlers have invaded. Run, Gwyn!
I'm the king of the world!
My Spike pig keeps stalking my Botler. Time to rename it Buffy?
The new quoin areas are SO cool.
Gwyn's chickens practicing the Swan Lake ballet.
Probably my favourite of the puzzle streets. So prettyyyy <3
C'est Moi et Pas Moi! (This amused me so much, I can't even.)
LOVE the artwork in the new islands
Stoot in Cebarkul :P
Obligatory A Summer's Day picture (:
3428 Vindel Frowns on our GSD block ):
GSD block );
My old house (:
Right side of testing house (:
Left side of my testing house (:
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